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Blanquette de Limoux

Blanquette de Limoux on Languedoc Wineshop : This is a dry sparkling wine (brut) produced according to what is called the ‘traditional method’. The Mauzac, the traditional grape variety of the Limoux vineyard, composes the major part of the blends which can be completed with up to 10% of Chenin and Chardonnay. During the pressing of the grapes, the first juices which are drawn are used to produce what are called ‘Tête de Cuvée’ wines.  Those produced from various vineyards and terroirs are then blended. Unfermented grape juice is added to provoke the second fermentation in the bottles which are stored with the lees of fermentation for nine months. The fermentation deposit is worked up to the bottle neck by gentle, regular turning and inclination. Then the neck is frozen and the deposit is extracted from the bottle. Before the wines are definitively corked, a liqueur (called the ‘liqueur d’expédition) is added to finalise the style of each wine as a brut, dry or half dry. Wines are then matured in cellars for 9 months before sales. Sieur d'Arques, Domaine de Martinolles, Maison Antech, Alain Cavaillès, Domaine J. Laurens...

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  1. Taudou, Blanquette de Limoux brut

    Une interprétation riche, intense, travaillée de la Blanquette de Limoux. La maturité du fruit est plus poussée qu'ailleurs, mais sans lourdeur. L'amertume finale lui donne un fort relief. Learn More
  2. Sieur d'Arques, Première Bulle, 2011

    Attractive festive fuchsia. The fresh first impressions open up with pleaseant, smooth sensations developed by the sparkle. White fruit aromas delicately accompany scents of dried fruit, nuts, toast and yeast. Perfect as an aperitif. Learn More
  3. Image de A01208

    Coffret avec 1 bouteille de Liqueur Kina-Karo, 2 bouteilles d’Extra Brut Antech. Vous ajoutez quelques glaçons et ½ tranche d’orange et vous réalisez 14 cocktails rafraîchissants ! La liqueur de Pardi! est issue d’une macération de huit plantes dont les oranges douce et amère, le gingembre, la camomille et le citron. Le cocktail est un régal aux accents fruités d'agrumes et de délicates notes florales ; la retenue sur le sucre et l’authenticité aromatique font une différence incommensurable avec les versions industrielles. A tester sans attendre ! Pardi! est vendu dans un coffret (une bouteille de liqueur, deux bouteilles de Blanquette) au design coloré et graphique à la Kandinsky, qui appelle la joie, la fête et la convivialité. Learn More
  4. Blanquette de Limoux - Monsieur S

    Behind the mysterious name of Mr S, hides a lively Blanquette de Limoux with delicate floral aromas, vinified by a promising young winemaker. If the label is a nod in the direction of the 9th art and targets a young consumer, this wine will not fail to seduce all lovers of refined effervescence. Learn More
  5. Image de A00918

    Livraison du livre offerte pour une commande jointe à du vin. Ce livre retrace avec brio l'histoire de la blanquette de Limoux : ses modes et lieux de consommation, son élaboration, le développement des maisons de négoce, ses caractéristiques. Livre référence de l'histoire d'un vin et d'un terroir.

    Learn More
  6. Domaine J. Laurens, Blanquette de Limoux brut, Le Moulin, 2008

    Regular Price: €11.40

    Special Price €10.60

    The Blanquette appellation derives its name from the fine white coating which forms on the leaves of Mauzac vines, the traditional grape variety of the Limoux vineyard. This Blanquette develops aromas of green apple, acacia flowers and apricot with toasted nuances and will be perfect as an aperitif or with an entrée like marinated salmon. Learn More
  7. Image de A01058

    "M Le Mauzac” highlights the unique and endemic grape variety of Limoux, reinterpreting the best it offers in all its multiple dimensions. From the best cuvees, with no sugar added at the dosage... Learn More

  8. Rives Blanques Blanquette de Limoux

    Clean, fresh and refleshing, with fine invigorating bubbles, this Blanquette is sure proof that the world's oldest sparkling wine has lost none of its sparkle !

    Learn More
  9. Image de A01057

    "3.0" sublimates the original purity of Mauzac by its unique winemaking process with no sugar added during the whole vinification and dosage. Learn More

  10. Antech Brut Nature

    This Cuvée has not been dosed and is thus allowed to express the purity and vitality of the wine. A crystalline yellow with golden highlights, its fine bubbles are a delight. The intense nose offers delicate aromas of hawthorn. A lovely freshness in the mouth with citrus flavours and a very harmonious finish where the wine fully expresses itself. Learn More

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