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Cabardès wines on Languedoc WineshopCabardès wines undoubtably deserve a place of honour amongst the great wines of the Languedoc. The AOC Cabardès, North-West of Carcassonne, is the only appellation to blend 40% of Atlantic grapes (Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc) with 40% of Mediterranean varieties (Syrah and Grenache) with the possibility of 20% maximum of Cot and Cinsault. Blown by winds from the East and the West, the Domaine de Cabrol, Domaine de Cazaban and Château de Jouclary are amongst the top domaines of the appellation Cabardès.

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  1. Domaine de Cabrol, Blue Note 2018

    Blue Note, essentially made from the Grenache variety, is a Cabardès which is elegantly aromatic and full of charm with a subtle, almost sweet sensation. It will be ideal, even on its own or accompanied with Tapas, for evening, philosophical discussions... Learn More
  2. Domaine de Cabrol La dérive Cabardès rouge

    Produced on the south-facing slopes of the Montagne noire, the cuvée La Dérive is a rich and soft red Cabardès : Syrah and Grenache grapes, vinified and matured with utmost care, develop aromas of extraordinary concentration and beauty. Violet, plums and conserved black olives characterise this wine, structured and well balanced, infinitely suave... Learn More
  3. Domaine de Cabrol, Vent d'Est 2018

    The nose, associating fruit and floral scents, plums and violets, black olives and dried herbs, is extremely complex. Powerful and concentrated, the palate is sustained by wonderfully elegant tannins which develop impressive structure and length. Enjoy this wine with tasty Mediterranean dishes seasoned with garlic and dried herbs. Learn More
  4. Domaine de Cabrol, Vent d'Ouest, 2018

    Attractive dark, black cherry in colour with crimson shades. The elegant, expressive nose is complex and develops aromas of sweet spices, grilled red pepper, jammy fruit and liquorice. The palate is superbly full-bodied. This wine will be an excellent companion for traditional, rich dishes, red meat and game. Learn More
  5. Domaine de Cazaban, vin rouge du Cabardès

    A Cabardès which is deep purple in colour. The aromatic pallet on the nose is rich and enticing : Mediterranean plants, eucalyptus, fennel, morello cherries and chocolate. Delicate with vinous, fresh fruit, the structure is well composed, soft and full bodied. Learn More
  6. Image de A00996

    Guide des meilleurs vins de France 2019 : "Ce jeune domaine de Cabardès s'affirme comme l'un des moteurs du renouveau du Cabardès". Ce vin "respire le fruit et reflète la valeur éthique d'un vrai travail vigneron. La santé des matières est enthousiasmante, comme leur franchise..." Learn More

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