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Sweet Banyuls on LanguedocWineshop : The Banyuls and Banyuls Grand Cru appellations are Vins Doux Naturels (sweet natural wines). They are produced by the addition of neutral grape alcohol to must after pressing to stop the fermentation and conserve part of the natural   sugar from the grapes. Banyuls Grand Cru wines are produced from 75% black Grenache grapes and are aged in oak casks or barrels which develop subtle aromas of candied fruit, moka, tobacco, vanilla and coffee beans.

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  1. Abbe Rous, Banyuls, Baillaury 5 ans d'âge.

    Attractive brick red in colour, rich preserved red berry fruit, plums, figs and spices on the nose. Full bodied with elegant, soft tannins on the palate, the rich, unctuous texture underlays aromas of red fruit in alcohol, prunes and ripe plums, leading on to a long finish. Taste this wine as an aperitif, with blue cheese, chocolate deserts or melon. Learn More
  2. Pietri Géraud, Banyuls blanc

    First Banyuls Blanc developed in Collioure that has earned numerous awards. This is surely the most emblematic wine from Domaine Pietri-Geraud. An elegant wine, soft, full of subtlety and intensity and a rich aroma. Learn More
  3. Banyuls Domaine Piétri-Géraud, Cuvée Joseph Géraud

    A Banyuls laced with brown highlights. Roasted notes with a dominant walnut, tobacco, prune and cocoa that lingers in the mouth after an attack of dried fruit. A superb wine, balanced, with a long finish, with perfectly integrated tannins. Pure gourmet delight! Learn More
  4. Domaine Pietri-Géraud, banyuls Mademoiselle O

    A Banyuls fortified by mutage on the marc skins, also known as Rimage or Vintage: a new generation of Banyuls, which unlike its elders is raised in the absence of air. In this way it retains its purple robe, its flavours of sun-soaked cherries and velvety tannins. A round, generous wine with raspberry, blackcurrant and gooseberry notes and a hint of liquorice. For an aperitif, with sheep cheese toasts or as a dessert atop a fruit salad ... Learn More
  5. Banyuls Grand Cru - Vial Magnères

    A great Banyuls, a memorable wine, dried fruit notes (walnuts, almonds ...) and cocoa. A delight to enjoy on stews and chocolate desserts ... Learn More
  6. Vial Magnères Banyuls rimage

    Elevé en solera sur l’assemblage de plusieurs millésime de banyuls blanc, il clôturera avec bonheur vos repas et fins de soirée. Bel accord avec le chocolat et les tartes au fruit. Médaille d'or au Concours des Grenaches du Monde 2015

    Learn More

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